On December 8, Beijing time, Ethereum Istanbul successfully upgraded at block height 06000. Istanbul contains 6 different upgrades, the purpose is to improve performance, adjust the cost oConvert Bitcoin to cashf opcode, make the interoperability of Ethereum and Zcash possible, and achieve more innovative features through contracts. So far, Ethereum has undergone 7 hard forks. How did the Ethereum community and other big names react to this hard fork?

The time span of the second round of BTC price cycle is from November 2011 to August 2015, lasting 1377 days. The upward phase was from November 2011 to November 2013 and lasted 743 days, and the downward phase was from November 2013 to August 2015, which lasted 634 days.

Bitcoin does not belong to any company, nor does it belong to the internal graphic design team of a shiny start-up in Silicon Valley. Its logo gives many followers of this anonymous project an image they can rely on. Not only have to persevere—printing patterns on shirts, using laptops, and stamping physical coins—giving digital items a physical presence, which is vital to their spread.

Vlad thinks traditional BFT is very lame (he particularly hates hard thresholds, such as PBFT and Tendermint's 2/. He tried to effectively reinvent the BFT theory from the ground up, using what he called Correctby Construction, namely CBC.

It has been several months since this meme started, and I still see people using it online all over the world, and also using it when joking with friends. People obviously know that this is a joke, and it does not guarantee that you will become rich. However, people have set a personal goal of owning 15 BTC. Since this is a very substantial amount, it can greatly increase people's future purchasing power. If a friend asks you why they should buy Bitcoin and you say eternal wealth, I doubt they will reject it!

Some people in Silicon Valley, including Twitter's Jack Dorsey, understand the difference between technological innovatioConvert Bitcoin to cashn and the coming digital financial revolution. Dorsey has begun positioning Twitter and his payment company Square to take full advantage of this advantage.

b) CBCCasper did not specify its decision-making mechanism. The example protocol in the paper relies on an estimation function whose consequences in the protocol are not clear and are not considered in the proof. Although we suspect from their example that the estimation function is used to provide information for the decision-making mechanism, the paper does not discuss its consequences, nor does it consider their proof of correctness. Therefore, the security proof is not informative, and it has not made significant progress in reasoning about useful protocols. Most important elements have not been confirmed.