In this regard, Leo gave a trading strategy: InvesAlipay's Bitcoin wallettors can short the volatility of mainstream currencies. The specific operation is to use the same position and leverage to short Bitcoin and short mainstream currencies. When the market rises, the gains from long mainstream currencies can exceed the gains from short Bitcoins; when the market falls, the gains from short Bitcoins can cover the gains from long mainstream currencies.

Previously, Bitcoin has experienced two halvings. After that, the price of Bitcoin rose. After the 2012 halving, Bitcoin rose from about $12 to more than $1,000; after the halving in 2016, it rose by about 1,000%. Of course, when the halving happened this time, Bitcoin had gained more mainstream Recognized.

The penetration rate of BTC and the token market has a lot of room for growth, and the admission of incremental funds will promote BTC to create another glory. From the experience of mature markets, the increase in the number of investors entering the market will greatly boost the price of assets. Historically, the peak of the increase in the number of A-share accounts was highly synchronized with the peak increase in the year. Investors running and entering the market created a huge profit-making effect. It is estimated that the number of investors in the domestic pass market is only 5 million, while the number of investors in the stock market is 148 million. The situation in other countries should be similar. There is still a lot of room for growth in the number of investors in the pass market. In the next round of upward cycle, BTC is expected to break through its current state and become an investment product widely recognized by the public. A large number of new investors will boost the height of the BTC boom cycle, and a broader consensus will be established. BTC may be Reserve assets with more general costs.

The compliance variable of the T0ken contract points to a compliance contract whose current address is 0x0e108767F1C207a5A045aC67D488b3447e7E0eae (not open source), and can also be replaced by setCompliance(). The Compliance contract provides two functions: freezing the address and setting transfer rules. Token's transfer() and transferFrom() will execute the canTransfer() function of the Compliance contract before each call. If the rule check fails, the transfer is prohibited. Since the contract is not open source, and it is not clear how the specific rules are determined, it is likely to be used to prevent investors from transferring tokens to non-qualified investors.

But this does not prevent the acceptance of cryptocurrency by merchants in other countries around the world. According to Coinmap statistics, currently, a total of 13,207 merchants worldwide accept digital currency as a means of payment, and most of these merchants that accept digital currency payments are located in more developed countries and regions such as North America and the European Union.

Analyzing the cryptocurrency news in the past few months, you will find that it is mainly about one thing that will happen: Bitcoin is expected to be halved in May 2020. From the historical record, the Bitcoin miner reward will be halved. This event can always bring the price of Bitcoin to a few hundred points. One of the reasons is that the available amount of Bitcoin has decreased. However, there are some different opinions, because some experts regard the price incrAlipay's Bitcoin walletease last year (from $3,000 to $13,000) as an advance of the halving effect. Some people even believe that the reward halving will actually have a negative impact on the price, because for many small miners, turning on their computers and maintaining the Bitcoin blockchain network is no longer profitable. Historically, Bitcoin’s halving market always rises at the beginning of the month, so in the first quarter of 2020, we will be able to see whether this is the long-awaited price catalyst, which will not only increase the value of Bitcoin , Will also increase the value of altcoins, which almost always increase exponentially. Will we see a record high? Or will this be the biggest scam for cryptocurrency owners in two years? Don't worry, the first few months of 2020 will tell us the answer!

The estimated market value of Bitcoin after May 2020 will be USD 1 trillion, which is equivalent to the Bitcoin price of USD 55,000. This is spectacular. I think time will tell us that within a year or two after the halving in 2020 or 2021, we may know this hypothesis and the sample test of the model.