GUSD was announced by the Gemini Exchange and is subject to supervision by the New York Financial Services Authority. GUSD is a stBitcoin mining calculator difficultyable currency anchored to the U.S. dollar at 1:1. Being regulated by the U.S. government means that account funds will be audited every month. If there is a problem with the account, the U.S. government can freeze and other operations through law enforcement. It is reported that Gemini is the world's first licensed digital currency exchange.

Bitcoin has evolved into a sacred term, but this term cannot be accurately defined. But we can approach this definition infinitely from the recognized maximum characteristics. The most recognized characteristic of Bitcoin should be decentralization, wealth, etc. Of course, there may be some technical features that will be valued, such as non-tamperability, proof of work, point-to-point, these. But these are actually necessary to ensure the two characteristics of decentralization and wealth.

In accordance with CRS's strict information exchange requirements, even Switzerland, which is the best offshore financial center for keeping client confidentiality, has fallen. The Bank Secrecy Act, once considered unbreakable, has also begun to loosen under pressure from governments. This means that in the traditional financial world, there is nowhere to hide the CRS list:

As soon as this post came out, it caused a huge response. The following replies are all sorts of sarcasm, abuse, and ridicule. Someone said yes! Bitcoin ToDaMoon, Ethereum pill, and some people say it is really ironic. They said that Ethereum is okay and theDAO has not been hacked. Of course, it is inevitable that people care about their own money. What about our money? Going out?

But in addition, it has also triggered hype in the cryptocurrency field. Millions of people follow this hype, hoping to make a fortune by doing nothing. This kind of mass hysteria has devalued the image of cryptocurrency to some extent, making it a target of serious criticism. Therefore, many skeptics criticize blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, claiming that it is more of a hype than a real breakthrough technology.

Diar said that the risk premium caused by USDT was actually caused by its own price drop. This stablecoin, which was supposed to be 1:1 linked to the U.S. dollar price, has not returned to normal levels since it fell below $0.96 on October 15. The panic selling of Bitcoin mining calculator difficultyUSDT holders has exacerbated this situation.