Pure anonymity is very important for privacy protection. Many scenes of consumption may not be known to others or left consumption records. There is not only pornography, gambling, drugs and bribery, but also a lot of legal and reasonable consumption. But just because of different consumption concepts, we need to use cash to avoid a lot of unnecessaryCustom Bitcoin mining equipment trouble.

However, there are not a few well-known scholars who are optimistic about Bitcoin, but most of them belong to the Austrian school and believe in free market and free economy. The key difference between the two factions lies in their views of the country. Liberal supporters who believe in Bitcoin believe that the government is an oppressive force and hope that its power will be restricted.

In the 2008 global financial crisis, Western countries tried to tax the wealthy in order to increase fiscal revenue. The tax haven, as a hotbed of tax avoidance and money laundering for high-net-worth individuals, has become a target of public criticism. The FATCA of the United States and the CRS of the OECD of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development are all launched in this context.

BTC maintains a strong short-term operating state, but the cumulative increase has lagging behind. After more mainstream coins kept pace with the rebound of BTC, LTC, BCH, etc. rose strongly and recovered more losses. In the near term, BTC has more high-level chips, and the main short-term pull ability is slightly insufficient. Pay attention to the expectation of price fluctuations.

Buterin also discussed the current development of Ethereum, and he pointed out that he is satisfied with some current technological advances (such as plasma channels). In terms of scalability, Buterin stated that the Ethereum Foundation is seeking to approve scalability properties and reach a higher level of consensus. Although the progress of this initiative is slower than expected, Buterin revealed that this solution is much better than he had imagined five years ago.

In July 2000, short-term U.S. bond yields began to climb. The Nasdaq reached its second peak in AugustCustom Bitcoin mining equipment. During the same period, the target federal funds rate reached a high point. U.S. Treasury yields were severely inverted in the short and long term. The three-month short-term U.S. Treasury yield was about 5,800 basis points higher than the 10-year yield. Short-term funds were extremely short , Liquidity declined rapidly, and then the US stock market ushered in a long decline.

Ross, who has been full of admiration for the free economy since he was a child, was immediately attracted by the setting that the Bitcoin price is completely affected by the degree of market demand. With the gradual increase in the price of Bitcoin in 2010, an idea of ​​using Bitcoin's anonymity to establish an underground free trade website began to sprout in Ross's brain. In January 2011, a black market shopping website called Silk Road officially started operation with Tor's privacy service.

BIP69: This BIP describes a standard way for wallets to organize their input and output for privacy. At present, the wallet ecosystem is a mixture of various types of wallets, some of them implement this standard, and some do not, which helps fingerprint recognition. Please note that random single-input dual-output transactions will only follow bip69 50% of the time.