Judging from the overall geographical distribution from January to June 2019, 71 projects are slightly ahead of the 64 projects in the United States. However, from the perspective of the projects that won the B round and subsequent rounds, the United States has a significant lead over 3 ofThe best Bitcoin mining the 9 projects. It can be seen that there are too many early start-up projects in the blockchain, which lags behind the United States in terms of the development speed of blockchain projects.

(Note: CREATE2 is included in the EIP1014 proposal to allow interaction with contracts that do not yet exist on the blockchain. Some developers worry that this will introduce a potentially serious attack vector to Ethereum, which may make smart contracts in Can be coded and changed address after deployment)

According to an article reported by eMarketer last year, Google and Facebook controlled 61% of U.S. online advertising at the end of 2017. In fact, the power and status of Google and Facebook in the digital world make them even if they have the ability to assume responsibility when facing unpredictable digital currencies, they would rather choose to completely block them, thus gaining the right to live or kill the project.

After all, Bitcoin is still in its infancy. It is still a crazy and distant idea, and its meaning is difficult to understand. Even most people who recognize the potential meaning of Bitcoin are skeptical about it-you know, many people have tried to create a non-sovereign digital currency before.

Of course, in addition to the above solution, another solution is also thought of. But first of all, I have to explain that, after all, I also said that the EOS super node election problem is complicated and sensitive, and it is almost impossible to find a "perfect" solution in a short time. My right to think is as a starting point.

There is another more common angle of interpretation of Web3, which is to list and compare the three stages of the development of the World Wide Web. Web1 is a static web page, which is mainly used for the distribution of static content. The user experience is very monotonous, and the business model is mainly to display advertisements. In the second generation of the World Wide Web, websites have strong interactivity and functionality, a large amount of content is generated by users, and the web is developing towards socialization and mobile. In addition to more personalized and accurate advertising, the business model also provides various e-commerce services for food, clothing, housing and transportation. In the Web2 era, Internet giantThe best Bitcoin minings represented by FAANG and BAT were born. They have a large number of users and service providers, store a large amount of data, and provide personalized advertising and e-commerce services based on this. They have established a huge network effect and are in fact a monopoly.

In essence, Phase 2 is the execution layer of the entire system. It makes the shard chain transition from a simple data container to a structured state, and introduces smart contracts. Each shard will manage an eWASM-based virtual machine. The focus of this stage is the execution engine (executionengine), account model (accountmodel), etc., which will enable state execution (state execution) and calculation (computation).

But let's think about why the unprecedented 4 circuit breaks occurred in US stocks in March? It is because the robot brushes the transaction volume. More than 80% of U.S. stock trading is now caused by robots. It is precisely because of the extremely low daily trading volume of most US stocks that when prices begin to fall, there will be a fire in the Grand Theater and everyone is robbing the only exit. Every robot will start to sell one, and they don't know that this is an infinite decline, so they will continue to write down the price. Fuse will continue to occur afterwards.

AsicBoost is a mining firmware that can increase the average speed of Bitcoin miners innovating new blocks and verifying transactions on the chain by 20%. The technology was patented by developers TimoHanke and SergioDemianLerner in 2014, and was recently publicly available to all miners (based on blockchain defensive patent license).

NASAA is the oldest international investor protection organization. The organization conducted a large-scale investigation of state and provincial securities regulatory agencies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and based on the results of the investigation, an official report was summarized, which listed five products/schemes that may be Fraud occurred during 2020.