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For traditional institutions, compliance is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to allocate encrypted assets. But before that, investors have been eagerly waiting for the adoption of the Bitcoin ETF because it is a compliant channel for

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But these are all in vain because of the bear market. He reminded that extra funds are particularly important in a bear market. In the next few weeks, most scams will begin to collapse. The market will also truly show its edge. But at the same time, this

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Argentina and Paraguay settled an export transaction with Bitcoin. It is reported that Paraguay purchased USD 7,100 worth of pesticides and fumigation products from Argentina, and settled through Bitcoin for the first time. The transaction was paid in Bit

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Electric capital, a cryptocurrency venture capital company, released its 2020 developer report. The report shows: 1. In 2020, the number of cryptocurrency developers will increase by 15%, which is the first time that developers have increased since 2017.

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On November 20, the encryption analysis company chainalysis tweeted that the data showed that the rise in bitcoin in 2020 was more driven by first-time buyers of bitcoin and institutional buyers who wanted to convert French currency into bitcoin to hedge

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