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According to decrypt on January 21, the office of the monetary inspector general (OCC), headed by former coinbase executive Brian Brooks, has put forward an opinion draft to prevent banks from discriminating against companies based on factors other than r

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As bitcoin continues to soar to record highs, bitcoin mining companies are riding on it. Shares of riotblockchain, a publicly traded bitcoin miner, rose 50% this week to close slightly below $6.00. Bitcoin rose nearly 17% over the same period. Earlier Fri

How to pay with Bitcoin

Since December 1, 429 bitcoin ATMs have been installed worldwide, according to coinat mradar. As of December 13, the number of bitcoin ATMs deployed worldwide has reached 13085.Gray CEO Barry Silbert tweeted on the morning of November 27: Okay, its time.

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Ledger, a hardware wallet provider, has announced an upgrade to nanox firmware version 1.2.4-5, which will allow the verification of Ethereum 2.0 deposit contracts through a third-party service. At present, firmware and Ethereum application upgrades are o

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100 million ADA. Iohk also announced that it would withdraw all other pledge except one public pledge pool. Harrison said: This is a symbolic and practical measure. We hope to maintain the public image as a pool operator and benefit from the relevant tech

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