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During the exhibition, UOB has brought cross-border fund management and financing solutions, which can be based on the actual needs of enterprises,Encourage qualified Internet platforms to apply for part-time agents to sell accident insurance products, an

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With the support of excellent fund managers, the new products that will be put on the shelves will continue to be sought after by funds.The four types of insurance account for% of property insurance business and% of property insurance company business.Kee

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They even use land as dowry to accumulate property for their descendants.The shareholding ratios of the seven listed companies and life insurance companies are as follows: Dashang shares (%), Eurasia Group (%), Minsheng Bank (%), Jindi group (%), COSCO Gr

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Another example is Midea Group. The company announced on July 28 that in order to further promote the growth of photoelectric business, standardize the governance operation and broaden the financing channels, the company authorized the management to start

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China Securities NetSoochow Securities believes that for domestic manufacturers, the national centralized purchase is an excellent opportunity to realize the share reverse surpassing the original research enterprises. With volume procurement, the promotio

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